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Name: Jamie Valera
Age: 26 (as of 2362)
Callsign: Jammer
Squadron: 104th Carrier Fighter Squadron, "Kestrels"
Rank: Lieutenant Junior Grade (as of 2362)
Flight Number: Kestrel Five
Date of Birth: Classified
Place of Birth: Lunar Three-Zero Space Habitat

Official Bio:
  Lt. Valera joined the United Earth Military in the year 2359, during the 4th year of the Sol War. Young and enthusiastic, she was deployed as an Aurora SEW ECO, or Electronics Communication Officer for the 45th Tactical Fighter Wing "Jaybirds" operating on Earth Station 16, high orbit over earth as part of the planet's defense. She quickly learned the ways of war as her squadron was tasked to intercept the Martian Cruiser, the Golden Sun which entered Allied borders on 15 June 2360. Faulty intellegance led her squadron to a trap, instead of a lone Martian cruiser, her squadron and the Defiant-class Cruiser, Rapport were ambushed by a full strength Federation fleet. The Rapport was destroyed within the first few minutes of battle and her entire squadron, save her Aurora and two other Corsairs flying escort, were quickly dispatched by the overwhelming Federation forces.
  She was heartbroken for the loss of her fellow squadronmates, and was given temporary leave of service for 4 months to recover from the wounds she sustained during the ill-fated offensive. She was back on her feet in only 2, and was reassigned to the UES Angelic Spirit, an Intrepid-class Carrier. There, she served with the 64th Carrier Fighter Squadron "Thunderstreaks" for two years. With them, she fought the climatic battle of 033-4221, more famously known as the "Duel of the Pegasus", for the United Earth and Mars Federation deployed ships named for the mythical winged horse. In the battle, her squadron was caught in the line of fire of the Federation destroyers, Markette and Vehray, followed by the Battlecruiser Roden. Faced with impossible odds, she was certain that she would die that day. But fate would not let it, as Captain Nattalie Siew aboard the UES Challenger, a Challenger-class Missile Cruiser put her ship between the three attacking vessels and the doomed squadron. The Challenger was heavily damaged in the resulting engagement, but managed to subdue the two flanking destroyers. Jammer escorted her flight lead, Major Jesse Higgins and managed to destroy the Battlecruiser with a Nuclear Missile.
  Following the engagement, Lt. Valera was transferred to the 104th Carrier Fighter Wing "Kestrels" which was due to serve aboard the new United Earth Supercarrier, the UES Titan, CVS-550. To her surprise, an old friend, Captain Natalie Siew, was chosen to command the vessel, for the Challenger had already been too heavily damaged to be spaceworthy, following the "Duel of the Pegasus" engagement. Since then, she is still in active duty with the Kestrels.
  • Listening to: Il Divo-I Believe in YOu
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January 9, 2008


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