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UNSC Destroyer Concept Art 2 by fongsaunder UNSC Destroyer Concept Art 2 by fongsaunder
Alternate design for the Destroyer, with a more cruiser-like features to it. I particularly like the "skeleton" feel to the prow (like Starcraft BCs), gives the ship a more industrial flavour, as opposed to the more spartan (haha) Frigates. Playing with some concepts here, including a much bulkier engine guard (Destroyers are supposed to be doubly-armoured than their Frigate counterparts), to make it look less "elegant" than the Frigate. A movable crane-truss thing I'm already experimenting with on the Falling Star for the Pelican landing pads, again with the already-mentioned canon that Destroyers do not possess single-ship hangars (and dedicated Pelican bays would be illogical at this point), although Pelicans would still be required at some point for personnel transfer and Infantry recovery (Destroyers still seem to deploy ODST HEVs) Also more engine/fuel/coolant because of the destroyer's extra mass, which gives me the excuse to add Halycon-style pod things at the back.

Apparently the Destroyer designs are more oriented to space-engagements than ground support (as in the Frigate's case), hence a less aerodynamic shape and bulkier components (due to the added armour and weapons). Also hadn't thought of the use for the underside-thing (On the frigates they are used to deploy troops via giant elevators). Since the apparent role of Destroyers is more on space combat.
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D4RKST0RM99 Featured By Owner Jun 22, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
Once again a great design, very robust and heavy looking, most of the fan fics I've seen forget that about the design and instead opt for just a frigate with extra armor.
I believe its pelican bay was large enough for 2 dropships, could also add the set of emergency thrusters like the Iroquois.
here is another by PaintFan08
its prety close, based on the Halo Genesis design.

would like to see your take on the stealth cruiser, prowler ship size of a destroyer from the novel- Halo: Ghosts of Onyx
fongsaunder Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2010  Hobbyist
I personally love UNSC Frigates. Their design is very unique and even graceful.

I've seen his work, it fits the Destroyer "feel" and purpose, but I wanted a design that looked like it was extrapolated from the Frigate design (personal choice, really)

Also all UNSC ships have emergency thrusters, I just like to leave mine "covered" behind some random panel which is ejected (in a very cool fashion) by explosive bolts when the engine is fired.

In regards to the pelican bay, I don't think a Frigate-style dedicated bay would work on a destroyer, rather just a place for the pelicans to refuel and dock with, (think the aft helipad on modern destroyers). Although since they need protection, I was considering that the pads they land on lower/retract downwards and underneath the armour of the destroyer (maybe a makeshift hangar as well)

For the Point of No Return I envision as a similar ship to the one we see in "The Package" (my oh my that's a big ship). Interestingly, it reminds me of an oversized longsword fighter. XD
D4RKST0RM99 Featured By Owner Jun 24, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
U got lots of great ideas, I guess most of the UNSC ship designs came from the slip space transport ship u see in Halo Legends- OriginsII but it would seem the destroyer would be of its own design needs, like in startrek, the USS Defiant is built entirely for war with none of the A-typical design aspects of any other ship in the fleet or the design would'nt have worked with the standard somewhat more fragilie 2 nacelle, 1 engineering hull, 1 saucer design.
Same goes for the destroyer, only the bare essentials were used, 1 and eventually 2 MAC guns, archer missiles and enough titanium-A battle plate to make it hard wareing and long lasting in battle yet will not sacrafice speed or manouverability, I think the frigate design would be far too fragile for this role, even with upgrades.
fongsaunder Featured By Owner Jul 2, 2010  Hobbyist
I was going along those lines, as most Starfleet vessels use the Saucer-Engineering-Nacelle configuration ever since the NX-class (well, sorta). The Defiant is more of a specialist vessel, developed for direct combat rather than the rest of Starfleet, which are mostly explorers. Thus, with that analogy in mind, I assume the UNSC would have a rather similar design for it's smaller warships (extrapolating the design elements from the slipspace sloop from Legends).

I'm not saying that the destroyer is essentially an upgraded Frigate, but from the books, it is described at least having a Frigate-like bulk (Fall of Reach, around the same part mentioned with the lack of single-ships and heavy battle-plate) at the very least, thus I extrapolated the Destroyer from the basic Frigate design, keeping familiar elements, yet ensuring it is unique enough to be it's own, fully functional vessel.
D4RKST0RM99 Featured By Owner Jul 2, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
Too true, in reference to the starfleet design principal, but as with any design it has to work, I'd think with a fleet of your destroyers they could have really kicked covie ass, lol.
I think the legends-package prowler design wasnt well liked but I think frank oconner had already said it wasnt a real prowler anyway as the intended design was more like a black diamond shaped hull with no lighting or visible detail,s depicted in the books eg the prowlers never had optical camoflage, they probably would have been more like modern day's F117A Nighthawks in look and feel, currently working on my own design for a fan fic, dont have too many details, its set from just before and then during the fall of reach about a prowler ship falling into a covie trap, I really like the design I've done and will eventually post it on DA once its finnished.
keep up the good work:D
fongsaunder Featured By Owner Jul 4, 2010  Hobbyist

If my memory serves me well, the (I think is the UNSC Point of No Return, if my memory serves me right), was a larger "Stealth Cruiser" as opposed to a prowler in a regular sense, giving the Halo Legends ship some credibility in any case. (ie the ship where the discussions for the Spartan-IIIs took place). That said, the design grew on me abit even if it's an oversized Longsword. Love that little AWACS-style radar. Really gives the ship "character". Either way, I agree that regular prowlers would have an angled design. Currently my train of thought would drift towards a diamond-style design with a notch, with raised "shields" not unlike those on the engine blocks of frigates. Maybe even a design not dissimilar to the Kilrathi Com-Con from the WC movie.(Angled stealth design with obvious sensor and antenna farms). Then again, we shall see how that turns up.
D4RKST0RM99 Featured By Owner Jul 4, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
Lol, that was my original idea for my prowler design- the raised stealth panels would alow the ship to keep its flat stealth profile at the same time keep a more sleek hull design, course I eventually opted for my current design(soon to be posted)
fongsaunder Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2010  Hobbyist
My current prowler design is more in the lines of this.

The first one looked abit too similar from the TCS Dilligent from the WC movie.

This one, on the other hand, is the bastard child of the Millinieum Falcon and a Hiigaran Interceptor. (I plan to add a Falcon-ish parabolic dish as well XD )
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