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October 19, 2008
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K-15 Battle Rifle by fongsaunder K-15 Battle Rifle by fongsaunder
The gods of design werent very happy about my absence in the field...

Ah screw it, Im not the religious type either.

Luna Industries K-15 Battle Rifle.

In the final years of the 23rd century, United Earth military officials have declared sniper-type long range rifles obsolete, instead preferring smaller, compact Assault Rifles, more suitable for close to medium range combat. During the Sol War, it was shown that snipers were still of great use in the battlefield, as shown when a Federation sniper team managed to infiltrate and slaughter half a platoon of United Earth soldiers before disappearing into the night. Convinced that snipers were still effective an effective fighting force, the United Earth military restarted it's sniper program as well as ordered the development of a new, long range rifle for the new snipers.

The K-15 was the result of this rather quick move by the military. Based on old plans Luna Industries had made for a battle rifle nearly 30 years back, the K-15 benefited from new advancements in firearms technology as well as composite materials. Made of lightweight and strong materials, a ready and fit soldier can use a K-15 as easily as he uses his standard issue rifle. One of the great advancements of the K-15 is it's intergrated LONGSHOT computer system. The LONGSHOT allows precise calculations using the onboard microcomputer and sensors in the K-15 to calibrate the rifle's sights based on windspeed, target distance and even the gravitational pull of the planet and it's moons. This allows the K-15 to be one of the most accurate infantry weapons in the United Earth arsenal. In addition, the Fenlas F-2000D scope also comes with manual controls, allowing the sniper to adapt in conditions in the event of computer failure or environmental factors.

The electromagnetic systems of the K-15 allows the rifle to hurl a .50 calibre round to up to 5 miles with deadly accuracy. Soldiers using the rifle can manipulate the charge of the electromagnetic coils to compensate between rate of fire and penetrating power. The standard firing charts are below.

100% charge: Maximum Penetration to up to 5 miles (7 in theory). Recharge time of 1.2 seconds.

50% charge: Maximum Penetration of up to 1 mile. Recharge time of 0.8 seconds.

25% charge: Medium to short range combat. Fully automatic. Penetrating power equal to rounds fired from a standard assault rifle.

The K-15's standard magazine allows holding of up to 28 .50 cal rounds. In addition, due to requests by many Allied soldiers, the K-15 is also able to fire standard gunpowder rounds in addition to it's coilgun function when necessary.

The K-15 now equips United Earth Infantrymen as a Battle Rifle as well as a dedicated sniper weapon (with Fenlas scope)

Admittedly, I suck at gun design. Even the history Im not sure what Im writing. Any criticism is much appreciated.
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Captain-Varro Feb 9, 2009  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I love seeing weapon designs with a back story. :+fav: Excellent drawings! :D
Thank you! =)
Captain-Varro Feb 10, 2009  Hobbyist Digital Artist
No problem good sir! :)
imachrismoose Jan 14, 2009  Hobbyist Writer
I love the design. The GAUSS capability makes it naturally silent, so it would be easy to use in highly populated urban areas, and having such a short barrel, it's also good for getting the sniper out of a hot spot. ~SkyFlying-Falcon said it's too short, I disagree. With the GAUSS functionality, it doesn't need to be long to have that good a range. Only powder guns need long barrels, and that's because of the rifling required in the barrel. With GAUSS, you can have a smooth barrel gun, like your design, with fins on the ammo for accuracy. Basically: :+fav:!
I won't think the gauss ability would make it fully silent, since a sonic boom would be produced when the bullet is accelearated to supersonic speeds.

I was thinking of making the K-15 a modular weapons system with interchangable barrels, one for firing using the gauss system, another with basic chemical propellent rounds, just to increase adaptability for Special Forces units.

Thanks for the intellectual assesment of the K-15, it's very much appreciated. =D
imachrismoose Jan 15, 2009  Hobbyist Writer
Good point, I'd nearly forgotten about the sonic boom part. But then again, can't it be adjusted to make the bullet travel at sub-sonic speeds?

I've always loved the idea of making something modular. And in case of an EMP, yes, chemical/gas propellant rounds are useful.

No problem! I've seen some pretty stupid comments before, but the ones you got really took the cake! :D
Indeed, I was under the assumption the bullet has to be propelled to supersonic velocities in order to achieve long range shooting, because the velocity would bleed off the bullet when it travels far. I dunno, I sucks at physics, haha. =D

I also wanted the rifle to fire chemical propellent rounds since Special Forces may be forced to use such ammunition when they go behind enemy lines, since I predict in the future, only electromagnetic based weapons systems should only be used by military, and civilians can only purchase chemical weapons.

Then again, how many civvy guns shoot .50 rounds? haha. Havent figured that part out yet.

Once again, thanks for your intellectual insight into the design. Im still relatively new to gun design and such. =D
imachrismoose Jan 15, 2009  Hobbyist Writer
Actually, super sonic bullets do have far greater range than sub sonic bullets, but with sub sonic, you can really intimidate any enemies with great ease.

You're thinking American policy on civilian owned guns. In many third world nations, civilians can accumulate guns of all caliber, so long as they openly support their nation.

The intellectual commentary will continue so long as you come across problems with your design. Just know that I'm not really an expert, I just know these things as random trivia. I tend to keep up with the latest in scientific knowledge (I'm a PopSci nerd!)
Ah, I used to be a PopSci reader too, except them mags are hard to get here.

Im thinking that both sides would have a similar political strucutre, since I don't want to generalize the "enemy side" of the main character's viewpoint, as most Science Fiction does, as pure evil or totally bad and insane. I think it would be absurd to do that. But I believe in the future, as weapons technology advances, even civvies would start owning big bullets.

I'll just have to figure out a backstory to that.
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